Lemon & Rosemary

A flavour duo found throughout European cuisine, we take a sprinkle of fresh and aromatic rosemary and follow it with a zesty and smooth lemon caramel finish. 

Upbeat and vibrant, this chocolate sings summer, and it’s also one of our award-winners*, yay us!


*Winner of the Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award 2016

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Make Your Own

Pick your own flavours to make your own box of 9 or 18 chocolates.

Shell: 72% dark chocolate
Filling: sugar, glucose syrup, double cream, salted butter
Flavour: lemon zest, fresh rosemary leaves, sea salt crystals

Decoration: cocoa butter, Colour E100, E102, E110, E129, E133, E177

Dark chocolate contains Cocoa Solids 70% minimum

Allergy advice:

All our products are prepared in the same kitchen and therefore may contain traces of nuts and sesame. We recommend that no products are suitable for nut/sesame allergy sufferers.

Best Before:

We don't use any preservatives or other nasties in our chocolates so even though you might want to save them, we encourage you to enjoy them as soon as possible to make sure you get the full power of the flavours when they're fresh.
Every box that we send out is made to order. That means that your chocolates will always be fresh from the kitchen. It will take a day or so to make and pack them and then we'll pop them in the post via Royal Mail First Class which takes 1-2 days.

The boxes are designed to fit through the letterbox so the recipient does not need to be at home to receive them or make a trip to the post office. Multiple box orders will be packed together and may not fit.

Postage is a flat rate of £2.25 so you can order as many boxes as you like for the same delivery cost.

All the packaging is recyclable but why would you throw out the lovely box?! Keep it for your trinkets.