We care about of lot of things. But a good starting point is the way we make our chocolates. 

We started in a little London house, tinkering away with whatever ingredients were to hand in the kitchen, and to some extent we’re still doing that. None of our chocolates contain anything that you wouldn’t find in a normal but adventurous cook’s kitchen. 

The only difference now is that we have explored and learnt more about the ingredients that we use, it’s become sort of an obsession. We go to great lengths to find the best quality, fairly traded and responsibly grown produce. We do this because we care about the impact this supply chain has on the planet and also how it affects the people who work in it.  

Wherever we can, we also grow our very own ingredients. We’ve been doing this since the early days when our orange tree produced the orange blossoms that went into the first batches of our Orange Blossom chocolates. Now that we have our professional kitchen and a bit of green space down in Wiltshire, we are growing our own mint, rosemary, bay leaves and thyme. We hope to add some more ingredients to this list in the summer and grow as much as the British climate will allow!