Design is at the heart of what we do. Chris started experimenting with cocoa butter transfers at the very beginning as a way to make the chocolates as wonderful to look at as they are to eat. You can buy off-the-shelf transfer designs but knew very quickly that we wanted to design our own. Our fabulous designer Miranda created the patterns and the first Troffles were born.

She got her inspiration from the Arabic wall tile patterns that you find in Morocco, Turkey and across the Eastern Mediterranean. These designs have over a thousand years of history and have evolved over time to give a huge variety of complex motifs. 

Because Islam prohibits the depiction of human and animal forms in art, to avoid them being seen as idols, artists use abstract geometric shapes to create beauty in art. The simple lozenges and 6 pointed stars of the 9th Century have evolved into infinitely intricate tessellating patterns and 16 pointed stars with fascinating mathematical sequences.

The 8 pointed star is a motif that appears frequently in these designs and one that we have appropriated for our packaging. By simplifying the patterns down into graphic shapes, we make eye-catching designs that reference traditional Islamic art and its endless source of inspiration.