It's great when you get exactly what you want. Pick your favourite troffles to make your perfect box and we'll send them straight to you at a flat rate of £2.25 for post and packaging, UK only for now.

£17.00 (+ P&P)

Pick 18

£10.00 (+ P&P)

Pick 9
Just want a box? Don't worry...


Pick a selection and taste a bit of everything.

  • The Full Range

    One of each flavour.

    Box contents:

    Black Tea & Date, Honeycomb, Hazelnut, Lemon & rosemary, Turkish coffee & clove, Orange & thyme, Star anise, Saffron & nutmeg, Orange & cinammon, Cardamom & coriander, Sesame Honeycomb, Mandarin & ginger, Lime & basil, Mint, Orange blossom, Rose

    £15.00 (+ P&P)

  • The Taster Box

    Try a few from each range.

    Box contents:

    Honeycomb, Hazelnut, Saffron & nutmeg, Orange & thyme, Turkish coffee & clove, Cardamom & coriander, Mandarin & ginger, Lime & basil, Mint

    £10.00 (+ P&P)

  • The Seasonal Collection

    A selection of warm and spicy flavours

    Box contents:

    Cardamom & coriander, Black Tea & Date, Mandarin & ginger, Orange & cinammon, Saffron & nutmeg, Hazelnut, Sesame Honeycomb, Star anise, Turkish coffee & clove

    £10.00 (+ P&P)