About - Step 1

1. Ingredients

We start with raw and natural ingredients, no essences or concentrates and no artificial anything. Flavours are enhanced through gentle toasting, simmering or roasting or just left to their own devices.

About - Step 2

2. Infusion

We infuse the ingredients in syrups and fresh cream to create and blend our flavours. It takes time to do it this way but we think that the smooth and vibrant result makes it worth the effort.

3. Assembly

We use fresh cream ganache, caramel or light sugar fondant fillings to complement our flavours and cover them with our signature 72% dark chocolate. The decorations are made using cocoa butter patterns pressed onto the chocolate whilst it’s still warm.

About us

Troffle was started at Brockley Market in South East London. If you were there at the time you may have noticed a nervous looking man (that’s Chris) standing behind a table of what he generously described as chocolates. 

We’ve come a long way since then, with two awards under our belts from the Academy of Chocolate, a professional kitchen down in Wiltshire and an array of flavours that continue to amaze. We still grow many of our own ingredients, making sure that only the finest and freshest produce is allowed into our kitchen.

We make products that we’re really quite proud of – fresh tasting bursts of flavour in beautiful little packages. We hope you enjoy them.

The Troffle Team

We’re constantly experimenting with new ideas so do keep in touch. The story continues here:  Join usFacebookTwitter
Troffle noun.
1. a delectably flavoured chocolate work of art to be consumed immediately.
2. a thing you want to look at and eat yourself and give away only if forced to.